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 test run video (short)

The McCulloch TSIR-5190 engine was developed in the 1960’s to compete against the O-360’s and O-540’s.  It is a radial 5 cylinder 2-stroke gasoline engine.  Direct injected and highly turbocharged with liquid cooling, pressure lubrication and a dry sump case.  This mighty little engine is 190 cid and produced 270 hp at 3600 rpm turning a propeller at 2550 rpm with an estimated ready to fly weight of 365 lbs.  McCulloch conducted near 2000 hrs of ground testing and put an airframe ready prototype in a Cessna Skymaster (as the rear engine).  Unfortunately the engine never went into production.  Possibly due to company financial issues which lead to the sale of McCulloch to Black & Decker in the mid 1970’s.

This Prototype engine was discovered at the Western Museum of Flight in Torrance, Ca (  WMoF had the engine in their collection as long as any member could remember.  No other support documentation could be located in the museum’s collections.  This engine appears by inspection to be the first or one of the early prototypes for ground based dynamometer testing.  It is unknown if any other prototypes still survive, suggesting that this may be the only example of their efforts remaining.

This prototype was then acquired and brought to Oregon to conduct a “reverse engineering” study of the design concept and methodology.  After disassembly, it was decided to preserve this unique piece of history through a restoration to operable state and conduct a proof of operation test run at no load.  Having achieved these goals the engine can rest again in preservation for posterity.

This engine provided the catalyst to pursue a modern radial 2-stroke diesel design.

Below you will find video’s showing this process... enjoy!

a tribute   The Mcculloch tsir-5190
an engine ahead of its time!
engine disassembly
engine restoration