crover diesel

                                                    is a powerful force that has arguably impacted every life on earth.  It has won wars, provided critically needed supplies, transported us across endless miles, and made the dream of reaching beyond our planet a reality.  Flight is not just a functional necessity; it transcends the mundane into an experience that is indescribable and inspires people to do extraordinary things.  For me, flight became personal when I spent time in West Africa working with a small aircraft mission’s pilot in 2002.  I saw firsthand how one flight could save a life.  It was through this experience that I was introduced to the profound need to re-power small aircraft in correlation to modern needs.

Many accessories are mounted to the front of the engine to offer easy maintenance via engine cowling access panels.

A key aspect in achieving marketable engines is to accommodate a broad range of small aircraft.  The core of this is a common “power section” module that can be assembled in multiple configurations.  This allows various engine sizes (power outputs) and ways to interface with airframes (geared, direct).

The Crover Diesel can change everything!  More than an engine, helping keep the Spirit of Flight Alive!

Use Jet Fuel      1/3 Reduction in fuel consumption      Improved altitude Performance

Extended aircraft Range      Simplified pilot Controls      Quieter operation

Reduced fire hazards      Safe cabin heating      No avionics interference

The Technical

A radial two-stroke, supercharged, turbocharged, liquid cooled, pressure lubricated dry-sump crankcase, diesel aircraft engine.  This is a clean sheet design intended to meet the demands of small aircraft through the most effective arrangement and features.  Compared to other engine configurations, a radial provides the most compact power to weight ratio while providing additional technical advantages.  The two-stroke arrangement minimizes the weight and envelope size making it compatible with existing airframes.  A purpose built design eliminating many compromises that other aircraft diesel ventures have taken.

One Development... Multiple Applications
Power Section

A single unit integrating the power development components; crankcase, 5-cylinders, connecting-rods and pistons as well as lubrication, coolant and air-induction.  Frontal diameter is approximately 600mm (24”).

2.5 liter (153cid) displacement.

Highly effective for a simple, compact and light weight diesel.

The two-stroke cycle requires an “air pump” to move the induction air into the cylinders. The supercharger provides “air pumping” at low engine power.  While the turbocharger provides efficient “air pumping” at higher engine power via recovered exhaust gas energy.

Two-Stroke Radial
The Spirit of Flight

                                          issue - the Crover Diesel can provide this solution.  The Crover Diesel uses jet fuel instead of avgas.  Jet fuel, used by commercial aircraft is globally available, cheaper and out sell avgas 100 to 1 by volume.  Jet fuel is the long term stable aircraft fuel supply.  The Crover Diesel can reduce fuel consumption by a 1/3rd, which is the largest operating cost for flight.

The world of small aircraft aviation is at a                                                 Innovate and reduce cost or fade into obscurity.  The heart of the issue - the engine - is what needs attention.  Small aircraft currently use technology that has not significantly changed since WWII.  On the other hand, commercial air transport has steadily developed more powerful and efficient turbine engines to deal with the ever-changing economy.  What is needed for small aircraft is an affordable engine with low maintenance and operating cost.

Crucial Juncture
Fixing the Heart

Offset gear drive

    engine 3600rpm

    prop 2500rpm


    140 kW (187 hp)

    145 kg  (319 lb.)


    280 kW (375 hp)

    235 kg  (518 lb.)


    420 kW (563 hp)

    324 kg  (714 lb.)

for Airplane

Direct drive


   engine 2500rpm

   prop 2500rpm

DR-525 LS

    70 kW (94 hp)

    119 kg  (262 lb.)

Direct drive

    engine 3400rpm

TDR-525 H

    130 kW (174 hp)

    135 kg  (297 lb.)

TDR-1050 H

    260 kW (349 hp)

    223 kg  (491 lb.)

*Approximate Specs.*

Patent Pending

for LS Airplane
for Helicopter